Swimsuit Summer 2020 : The 192 Swimsuits most wanted for this Summer!

Swimsuit Summer 2020 selection

Swimsuit Summer 2020 – Credit photos : Pinterest

Here we are in Summer! Have you booked your holiday for this Summer? This week to celebrate the beginning of Summer, I have selected 196 of the hottest swimsuits and bikinis for this Summer 2020, whether they are trendy or timeless.

This Summer, the trend for 2-piece swimsuits, highlight bandeau style swimsuit and high panties for bikini bottom.

For the 1 piece swimsuit, the asymmetrical one are trendy, as well as the square neckline and bandeau style. Also trendy: the plunging V neckline swimsuit.

But rest assured, it is not because the trends are there, that we need to follow them.

For my part, the high panties do not go to my morphology and I know that the triangle bikini tops are what suits me best. A small excerpt from my favorite swimsuit for Summer 2020, which I had fun filming last week.

The first swimsuit is available (similar) here, or here, the second from Eres here and the third from Pucci is available here, (available in several colors/prints).

You’ll understand, trend or not, the important thing is to feel comfortable in your swimsuit.

Here is the Selection of the 196 Most Beautiful Swimsuits for Summer 2020 you will love! From the most trendy to the most timeless and from the lowest price to the most luxurious, let’s dive in :

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Note: Most straps are detachable and most of this swimsuits selection are available in other colors.


Small Price (from 20 to 90€) :

Printed Bikinis :

Plain Bikinis :

Printed Swimsuits :

Plain Swimsuits :


Mid-Range (between 100 and 250€) :

Printed Bikinis with Bandeau Top :

Printed Bikinis :

Plain Bikinis :

Plain Bikinis, in Black or Nude color :

Printed Swimsuits :

Plain Swimsuits, in Red, Pink or Orange color :

Plain Swimsuits, in Green or Blue color :

Plain Swimsuits, in White or Nude color :

Black Swimsuits :

New Style Added Today :


Luxury (above 300€) :

Printed Bikinis :

Plain Bikinis :

Printed Swimsuits :

Pucci Printed Swimsuits :

Plain Swimsuits :



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