Shorts for Summer 2020 – SHOPPING SELECTION

Shorts for Summer 2020 SHOPPING SELECTION

Credit images : H&M – Stradivarius – Zimmermann – Pinterest

SHORTS for Summer 2020. An indispensable element of our Summer wardrobe, along with the floral dress.

By the way, are you wearing more dresses/skirts or shorts?

For my part, I alternate dress and shorts, with a preference for shorts, which I wear 4 days a week. We will note its practical appearance for everyday. No skirt that rises with the wind (have you noticed the wind that there is some days since 2 months?), nor skirt that goes up when sitting in public transport.

In my wardrobe, I have 4 shorts for Summer 2020 :

  • 2 white – the 1st is high waisted with a belt and the 2nd in satin lined, with a loose cut.
  • 1 brown
  • 1 black
  • and 1 snake print in white tones

Having several of different colors allows me to vary according to the mood of the day:

How many shorts do you have in your wardrobe?

If you are missing a color, a specific cut, a print that you are desperately looking for, I have selected you the best “Shorts for Summer 2020” of what is currently in the shops and that you can shop directly in this post.

Note: This post contains affiliate links; I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, if you click and make a purchase.



Highstreet (from 20 to 80€) :


Mid Range (between 100 and 300€) :


Luxe (over 300€) :


More SHOPPING? Find the article about floral dress here.

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