Sandals Summer 2020 : the selection of 152 sandals to have right now!

trendy sandals Summer 2020

Sandals Summer 2020 | Credit photos : Pinterest – Instagram : @annasarlvit – @aimeesong

After Floral Dresses, Shorts, Tops, we need to talk about Trendy Sandals Summer 2020.

For this Summer, the trend… In fact, there is not one trend but several.

There is the hiking / trekking sandal trend with velcro scratch, the Birstenstock style trend, the sandal trend with very thin straps, multiple and often crossed, the square toe trend, the slipper trend, there is also the espadrille always fashionable and timeless… I mean, we have the choice for Summer 2020!

My biggest surprise was the Hiking / Trekking Sandals that I found particularly ugly at the feet of our octogenarians but «Oh Surprise!» created / customize in a trendy way are super desirable. I tried 2 pairs, 2 different styles. One with a sporty style, multicolored, with rather wide straps and another thinner and more feminine, with straps in bandana printed fabrics with ruffles that protrude. The video I filmed for you is here :

The first one is available here and the second one here or here, (it exists in several colors/prints). For my part, I think I will purchase very very soon for the 2nd pair, which will be perfect for now to run through Paris and for my beach outfits this Summer.

Are you missing a pair of sandals in your wardrobe? I have selected you the best of what there are currently in shops, 152 pairs of sandals that you will love!… From the most “extravagant trend” to the most “timeless trend” and from the lowest price to the most luxury, it’s gone:

Note: This post contains affiliate links; I receive a commission at no extra cost to you, if you click and make a purchase.



High Street (from 20 to 90€) :

Trekking Sandals :

Slippers :

Sandals with Heels :

Flat Sandals :

Havainas & Birktenstock Style :

Espadrilles :



Mid-Range (between 100 and 300€) :

Trekking Sandals :

Sandals & Slippers with heels :

Flat Sandals & Slippers :


Luxury (over 300€) :

Trekking Sandals :

Sandals :

Slippers with Heels :

Flat Slippers :

Birktenstock & Havainas Style :




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