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grey military coat





I write this post from the bottom of my bed where I found refuge after my adventures more or less comic of the day before.

Back late both of us (Paolo and me) after a day of work and nothing in the fridge, I find myself at the supermarket on the can corner, with some sardines in oil envy . It’s funny, I feel that it does not make you my dream … my sardines, Paolo either! Sir, prefer to eat a pizza down at Maria-Luisa. Okay, here we go!

Paolo order his pizza napoletana and me an octopus salad. Everything is going well and we are even lucky tonight: Here is the cat’s of “Carillon, Little Cambodge, Maria Luisa”. “His Highness” cat honored us with his presence, because it is unusual to see him. You should know that this feline has an incredible life. He is at home in all three institutions and he has three different names depending on where he is located. He is now at the center of attention. Everyone looks at him, including me. This is where I make my stupid thing: I bite a large piece of raw garlic! Cut the same size, in the form of a piece of octopus and the dim light, I did not see coming. AIE Aie Aie! It’s strong, it’s spicy … “# § * # @!” … What a horrible taste of garlic! It is done, I ate it and I have the worst grandmother breath (just kidding ^^) that can exist now. Paolo gets closer to kiss me and made immediately reverse. We pay and I’ll come to see the cat that has not moved and that I would slip a small piece of octopus (well, hopefully) that I had put it aside and it tasted with pleasure. Am I entitled to his favors so far? No! Not even a caress. He snubs me, and it is unclear why he turns his nose when I whispers sweet words under his nose.


Back at home, Paolo serves me a shot of Tequila. I have good bad idea to think that alcohol at 40° could cover the taste and princess breath. The first does not. Second, third shot … in short, the breath does not disappear and fall asleep dizzy.


(Tip: after some research on the net, I discovered that the garlic aroma in your mouth disappears only after 48 hours.)


Joking aside, I still have not shown you this look with my military coat that I love and that changes from what I usually wear. I found this military coat and those gray velvet boots from Zara on the same day. With this coat, I let myself be seduced by one of the trends this winter: the military coat, inspired by uniforms of naval officers. Would I not a small resemblance with Corto Maltese in these photos! 😉

I like the idea of ​​the long coat but at of having the silhouette of Tuula (Jessica), this length is not easy to wear and would tend to pack our figure (well, at least mine!). So, I wear this military coat with these boots that are perfect to go with. I immediately crushed on their form, with the arch of the absolutely perfect heel, velvet, this gray, love!

My only concern is that these boots (boots and all in general I’ve tried so far) make me pain down the calf. The edge of the boot comes up to me in the flesh. I can not put long and too often, it’s a shame 🙁


Good Monday my darling (s), I hope I have changed you ideas and did make you smile a little for the beginning of week 🙂

And if I made you want to succumb to the tendency of the military coat , the better 😉




grey military coat zara
place de la concorde paris
military coat
military coat zara
grey military coat
grey long military coat zara
military coat button
long military coat
velvet grey boots
military style coat


Photos: Franca


Manteau/Military Coat: Zara, similaire € ici –  T-shirt: Zadig & Voltaire  –  Débardeur/Top: Joseph  –  Pantalon/Trousers: Zara  –  Sac/Bag: Dior (vintage)  –  Bottines/Boots: Zara, similaire € ici


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