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brooklyn bridge new-york




Brooklyn Bridge … The bridge that connects Manhattan to Brooklyn is surely where we have the most beautiful view of the skyline and New York. Brooklyn, Manhattan Bridge, Hudson River, Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers of Manhattan more imposing than ever, it’s all here in a single table. And you know what? It is really beautiful!


Irma and I arrived in the morning, just before the shops open and before starting our day exploring Brooklyn. There was bright sunshine for photos and already a lot of people on the pedestrian part of the bridge. Tourists like us and New-Yorker doing their jogging from one bank to another of the Hudson. We will come back here later for the sunset after our little tour through the streets of Brooklyn.


After some good shopping addresses found with Eva Gentry Consignment (Luxury Consignment Boutique) and Collier West (Deco Boutique), (next door to each other), a hamburger Shake Shark swallowed up (tested and approved! ^^) and a photo shoot, we turned back on the Brooklyn Bridge to the sunset.
The light had changed, the sun was already behind the buildings and a pink halo illuminated the sky.
Rather than return to take the metro from the nearest station, we preferred go back to Manhattan by crossing the Brooklyn Bridge on foot. I did not say it before but crossing from one bank to the other, make us aware of its imposing structure made of wrought iron, bricks and wood (for the pedestrian area ). And even with the cars crossing the bridge who were just below us, all was quiet. I do not know if it’s because being above the water but there was some zen attitude, which did not prevent us to stop every 30 seconds to capture the beautiful scenery and before diving again into the urban jungle 😉


Good Monday my little ones!




brooklyn bridge new-york skyline
brooklyn bridge skyline view one world trade center
view manhattan brigde from brooklyn bridge
manhattan bridge from brooklyn bridge new-york
brooklyn bridge hudson river view
statue of liberty view from brooklyn bridge
brooklyn bridge skyline view
brooklyn bridge skyline view new-york
driving on brooklyn bridge new-york
view from brooklyn bridge
walking on brooklyn bridge



Photos du Brooklyn Bridge: by me!


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