New-York Skyline by Night from The Empire State Building

streets of new york by nigth




New York, its streets, yellow taxis, the sound of sirens, its buildings and its … Skyline!
If there’s one thing I love to do when I’m in New York, is to take a  long time to admire Manhattan and the surrounding area, seen from above.
This is the third time I visit New York and the third time I get to admire the skyline from the top of the Empire State Building.
The first time was almost 5 years. A few months after put in sleep Libertinette (my Lingerie brand), I went on a journey during 5 days, alone in New York. For my thirty years, I went out of Europe for the first time to discover the world and especially Manhattan.


Seen from below, I still remember the emotion in the middle of these huge towers. So immense that we must contort to see the tip of the tallest buildings. We feel both very small, snapped, absorbed by all these “giants towering ” (the buildings) but strangely, we also feels protected by the huge blocks made of stones for the older buildings and glass for the latest.


Seen from above, the roof of the Empire State Building (the third tallest building in New York), (since this summer, the tallest being the 432), the view is spectacular, incredible, insane! It is so high! It overlooks the entire city of several hundred meters. And everything seems very small. And from above, yellow taxis make me think of ants.


The second time I went, it was with Paolo, who even though he already knew New York was never mounted on top of the Empire State Building. And here, this amazing feeling (for him, as for me!). It feels great (as we are very very high) and small in front of the Skyline. And say it’s us (humans), our ancestors who built this! It’s crazy! You should know that the Empire State Building (built in 1930) measuring 381 meters in height. (For comparison, the Eiffel Tower is 300 meters long).


And for the third time, invited by Irma in New York (I invite you to read the Irma’s post about New York) who had not yet had the opportunity to climb to admire the skyline from the roof of Empire State. We arrive just in time to see the view with the sun and take a few pictures that I had never successful to take properly before (thank you, my Canon 6D!). Same emotion again!


Next step: make discover this amazing view to my mom who’s never even been to the USA! 🙂



new-york sunset from empire state building
new-york skyline
view from empire-state building
new-york skyline by night
flatiron building skyline by night
skyline view new-york by night



Photos: by Me!


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