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Today, I propose to you a special article as it is an Interview!

With the blog and in my work, I am brought to meet very interesting people. If you follow me for years, you know that I like to introduce them here, on the blog.

Lisa is Country Manager – Business Development at Asos. I met her at a press presentation last October. We immediately had a very good feeling together. We told to each other our journey, experiences, life in London, traveling… Her story fascinated and impressed me. That’s why I thought that you, too, would like to meet Lisa through this interview.

Hello Lisa, you’re Country Manager – Business Development at Asos France for a year,

I wanted to know what is your role as Country Manager?

My role is to contribute to the development of ASOS site over France. I work on 360° with Marketing experts, Communication, Buyers, Finance, Logistics etc. to provide the best customer experience on the site and increase sales.

Do you have a typical day?

There is really no typical day and this is what I love about Asos! Generally, I try to run in the morning before going to the office. It gives me energy for the rest of the day! Arriving at the office, I read about the news, business news and often on e-commerce. Then the day is punctuated by meetings with teams for various projects we have underway and times when I can be more focused in my office for analysis on the business of Asos in France. The days are intense but this is very exciting! It’s an international and young team, it also happens we often go for a drink with colleagues, there are a lot of different cultures at Asos.

Did you know Asos before working for them? Were you already client?

YES ! 🙂 ASOS is a top site to find the latest trends and fashion inspirations.

Asos offices are based in London where you live, how was your recruitment? I

understand that you lived and worked in France before?

ASOS headquarters is in London and we also have a team based in Paris, France. This balance is important to be closer to the market. From my side I am based in London with frequent travel to Paris to work with our teams and partners on site. Recruitment was very fast! I was still in Paris when I applied. I had an interview via Skype with my future manager then I moved to London to meet him! The opportunity was extremely interesting: to develop the French market for one of the largest fashion e-commerce sites in the world was an ambitious and exciting challenge!

Moving from one country to another is never easy. How have you lived your move

and your new life in London?

I really wanted to focus more my professional career to the international (I managed before the international development of the country of Sarenza from Paris). Living in another country is really a great experience especially as London is the European platform in terms of business and many nationalities are represented. Go live in London was thus both a personal and professional goal! London is really a great city, dynamic and I loved immediately when I arrived! I really felt that I started from 0 in a new country! Indeed, move, find a new home requires energy but it is also what makes that we learn!!

Have you encountered difficulties?

Cycling to the left 😉

And surprises?

I have many friends in Paris who knew people in London who put us in touch! I had excellent meetings this way!

Would you have one or several advice to give to the young people who want to go to work abroad?

– Go to the country and get a job there. It’s difficult and rare to find from France.

– Activate your networks, we still know people who can put us in touch.

– Ambition, nothing is impossible it is just necessary to want and to give itself the ways!

And would you have any advice for those who want come to work or do an internship at


ASOS is a company that keeps its youthful spirit and “start up”. It causes us a lot to innovate and take initiatives so be curious and show that we want to learn.

The site for internship:

It seems to me that you’re not from Paris, where did you grow up?

I was born in Nantes and I spent my adolescence in Charente-Maritime!

Younger, had you an idea of ​​what you wanted to do later?

YES ! The idea of ​​a business school and working in the business came to me with a babysitter who kept us at the time with my brother. She told me what she did and learnt and I loved it !

We have not evoked your studies yet. I believe that you made a part in the United States. Can you speak to us about it?

As part of my studies in Commercial school I went six months in the US live the American adventure! I was at University of Cincinnati where I could study but also travel and make a road trip on the West Coast of the United States. This experience was really a click for me and really made me want to travel! It is also during this visit to London where I began to study and learn a little more about the online bussiness and I must confessed, the US has a few years ahead from us!

Did you do internships? And is one of them allowed you to be hired?

I did my end of study in SARENZA, a website specializing in shoes online sales. I was in charge of developing international websites. At the time I was looking for a “right hand” intership that would allow me to be managed by an experienced person with whom I could learn enormously. In six months I created my job and this allowed me to be hired.

Let’s go back to Asos. Working for this giant of the Net and clothing, it’s like being in AliBaba’s cave, have you already identified the key pieces of the moment?

Yes, I love the romantic trend with its floral prints, ruffles and off the shoulder because our basic can easily associate with colors and flowers. Find my favorite pieces at the bottom of the post 🙂

And for the beach this summer, we will not forget the one-piece swimsuit for a retro look.

You just returned from holidays in Hawaii. It turns out that it is a destination where I dream to go.

I’m curious to know how you planned your trip?

I am a fan of volcanoes, hike and thus nature and I am maybe going to disappoint some but I did not go to the beach a lot! 😉 I went with my best friend. I do not like organized tours so we rented a car to be more free and flexible and closer to the local culture.

You must have lots of good memories. What stood out you over there?

We did a 4 day trek on the island of Kaui cliffside! In the midst of hiking we arrived on deserted beaches and tropical valleys, it was beautiful! What also marked me a lot, is the magma which poured from some volcanoes, it is fascinating to see this red light twinkling but also a little frightening when we know that we are on one of the most active volcanoes for the world!

To end this interview, as you lived in London you would have places or nice addresses to share with us?

My favorite Sunday brunch: The Proud Archivist at the edge of the canal, close to where I live!

A yoga session at the top of Sky Garden at sunrise.

A delicious gourmet Spanish tapas address where I love to go to dinner.

And finally my favorite pub to watch the rugby and enjoy the terrace when there (Sometimes) a sunbeam.

Sooo British !! 🙂


Lisa’s favorites pieces from Asos:


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