A day at Big Festival !

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The Big Festival is an opportunity for me to return to Biarritz with Paolo, in the month of July.

As I said in a previous post, it’s the perfect timing as the sun goes down later, and there is time to enjoy those long sunny days. This year, the water was low in the morning and it’s my favorite time of the day to put the towels on the beach of the Côte des Basques before the tide goes back three hours later. So we thoroughly enjoyed this ephemeral sandy beach with crystal clear water, with spectacular views of the Basque coast and Spain. This is also here where is set the Big Village of the Big Festival. We like to take a little something to eat and drink at Big Canteen then take the car to the Milady beach to spend the quiet afternoon before the evening concerts.

Back to the beach where my friend Romy joins us at home to get ready for the evening. For me it’s half-bun hairstyle, jewelry stickers face and my new red dress from Manoush I love (it’s still on sales at half prize by the way)… The program for tonight: Synapson, The Kills, The Libertines and Prodigy. Just that! We would have been able to go to see he headliner of the Festival this year: Pharrell Williams but I preferred to put in favor the Friday evening with 3 groups which I like. Synapson put us in a very cool dancing atmosphere, The Kills has electrified us notably with  Jamie Hince performing amazingly at the guitar and The Libertines we looove with Romy (Pete Doherty and Carl Barat were very on shape) have heated throughout the stadium.

We return home with the songs lyrics on our lips with star full our head, thinking we had a great evening 🙂


Big Village au Big Festival 2016
Big Bar au Big Festival 2016
Big Cantine Big Festival 2016
Synapson Big Festival 2016
The Kills au Big Festival 2016
Big Festival 2016 The Kills
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Photos: Paolo and me!

Robe/Dress: Manoush (actuellement à -50%)  –  Veste militaire/Military Jacket: Topshop  –  Bijoux Autocollant/ Body Stickers: Claire’s


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