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Ah, the holidays at the sun in the islands !! After the last two years in Paros, K island and Milos (last year), our choice is focused this year on Spain.

Steering the Balearics, Menorca.

By following me on social networks, you have probably discovered Menorca “live” (you had to laugh at us or with us! ^^) And if this is not the case, I would make you (re) discover the beautiful landscapes and the wild and domestic animals who live there.

What strikes first when you arrive in Menorca (except the beauty of Ciutadella town ) is the color of the water. This turquoise is so intense and it’s beauty is so insane! Almost surreal, totally hypnotic … it’s hard to look away from the water. Besides, I think seabirds will agree with me 😉

We had a good laugh during the holidays with animals that we met on our way. Between our great conversation and picture series with gull (photos below), the show a cormorant did by diving / sinning among bathers (you could see through the transparency water go like a rocket absolutely not disturbs by human) the fearless baby cat who discovers nature and made me die laughing with his jokes, goat eating at 2 meters from the beach (how did she do to get here ?! ^^) and my lovely black and white cows that came (all the flock, in fact!) to the fence that separated us and say hello. Halala, just to think back I still smile! But of course, this does not end here, I still have many things to tell you about Menorca in my next post 😉

Oh, and if you go there, have a drink Cava d’en Xoroi (latest photos) before sunset, it is a unique place in the world ♥


Menorca cala Mitjana
Menorca eau turquoise bateaux

Photos : by me ! 🙂


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