Slingback Surprise !

slingback chanel pumps

What a surprise to discover just next door Alibaba’s cave!

The other night I came strolling in my neighborhood when I pass the threshold of the consignment shop in front of the underground station. My eyes fall immediately on the pair of Chanel’s slingback, brand new that the owner of the shop has just recived. I look at the size 37 and a half … mmm, almost my size … I ask the price … very surprising, so they are affordable (for a new pair of Chanel shoes)!

A quick little tour in the shop and come back on the Chanel shoes, after all, a half size difference with my size is normally not so big. I decide to try just to see, like that. At least I would have tried! Miraculously, they fit me. They are very comfortable, the heel is perfect, they make a nice walk and it’s my size! Except that even if they are at a lowest price I had not planned to spend this budget there in a new pair of shoes, Chanel or not. And I already have my little Mango. I putt them back on the counter and go away.

The evening goes, I do my little research on the web to see the prices on the websites consignment stores. The prices are extremly high (more than the price that in Chanel’s boutique), the Slingback Chanel price here! Mmm, by having seen these crazy prices is making me want to buy the Chanel’s slingback, I tryed a few hours before. I sleep peacefully, after all sleep on it is always good.

Saturday morning, I called the store, the pair is still there and it’s decided: it will be for me! Here it is, I dream to get a second vintage Chanel bag and I end up with “THE” pair of Chanel’s iconic shoe to my foot, it’s crazy! I still can not believe it! This was a huge stroke of luck and I am so glad to have found them 🙂

Since I wear them either with a dress or dressed as I am in this “look of the day “where I wear a loose cashmere sweater bought at Uniqlo in XL size which I love (the quality is perfect!) that I mix with my favorite green pants. I like the mix of green / blue colors and style of this look. Cool and comfy without the jacket, or chic with the jacket.

Hope this inspires you and do not hesitate to go for a lap time to time in the consignment shops or Vestiaire Collective, we sometimes find some nice surprises 😉

Otherwise, I made a selection of over 45 Slingback pumps to shop from Luxury to Highstreet.







slingback chanel
slingback chanel

Photos : Mathilde du blog Au Petit Imprevu

Veste / Vest : Vintage  –  Pull / Jumper : Uniqlo  –  Pantalon / Trouser : Zara  –  Chaussures / Sling Back : Chanel  –  Sac / Bag : Zara




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