The Job Interview Look

Job Interview Look

I think I started to look for a new job in April. Though I respond to ads in my industry, nothing happened. No phone call, no email, no maintenance, no!

So I continued my usual activity as for the past five years. Until the day I received the famous call. We were Friday, it was 5:00 p.m, in the middle of July. The Director on the phone explained that he has my resume under his eyes and he would be interested to meet me during an interview the following week. Yes of course, except that there’s a big problem … I’m going on vacation early Monday morning and this for fifteen days.

Internally, as the conversation continued, I was thinking that it was now or never! It made my blood boil when I offered to meet him immediately, as their office is by chance a few metro stops from home. A quick check to my outfit of the day, a quick check in my closet to see if I do not have a more appropriate outfit for a first interview. I pass over all the hangers, it’s too dark, too pink, not adapted to the situation … Ok, finally the best option is to stay dressed as I am. Too shiny for a job interview? Well, I’m fine with it !!! After all, I work in fashion, isn’t it! A bodycon dress with blue and white graphic print that I had found in a consignment shop in New-York last January with Irma, an oversize two-tone checks lurex shirt that I tied at the waist with a knot, flat sandals very “glitter” that recall the Miu Miu shoes style, my little bag and I’m now sitting in front of my future Boss ^^

I promise I will tell you how was the interview in detail in a future post .. 🙂
In the meantime I wish you a great Monday!



Photos : Mathilde d’Au Petit Imprévu


Chemise/Shirt: Vintage from KiloShop  –  Robe/Dress: bought in New-York  –  Sac/Bag: Furla  –  Sandales/Sandals: Zara (collection de cet été)




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