The Man’s Shirt



For years, I hear the Parisian women interviewed in fashion magazines, say one of their “essential” wardrobe, is a white shirt or a man’s shirt… Not that I want to look like a Parisian, I think I have a slightly more eccentric fashion style but this answer intrigued me. I’m not born in Paris but since all the years I live here, I consider myself somehow I become Parisian. I have my usuals, my favorite places. I even seems to be a good tour guide but I have no shirt in my closet. To be honest, the last time it happened to me to wear one was when I was working as a waitress in London … My brain has been associated this garment to a work uniform, much like black pants. And even if I have good memories of this first work as an expat, I do not necessarily have very fond memories of the uniform. And yes, I do not like conventions, after all, I am not a stylist for nothing 😉 Besides, I confess I am still not ready to buy a white shirt, by against I immediately crushed on the blue shirt with thin stripes inspired by the man’s wardrobe which I found on Asos. I love the loose fit of the shirt, with the placket on the sides and wide cuff. It gives it immediately character and I love the male spirit. So now, I can say that I have a shirt (falsely man) in my closet! 🙂 And if you’re wondering, my silver moccasins (super comfortable) are also from Asos ^^




IMG_5134 BIS




Photos : Mathilde du blog Au Petit Imprévu


Pull / Jumper : Uniqlo (actuellement en boutique)  –  Chemise / Shirt : Asos  –  Jupe / Skirt : Zara  –  Mocassins / Loafers : Asos (taille normale)  –  Sac / Bag : Zara  –  Boucles d’Oreilles / Earrings : & Other Stories 


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