5 Life Lessons I Learnt During This Year


I’m not used to talk openly here about my experience really. So, I felt this is the right time to talk about me and what I learnt during this year as ” Life Lessons “.

1. We cannot change people

We all know the expression, but until you have met yourself the scenario where we see the problems / limitations of people (our relatives in particular), it is difficult to realize that this expression is true! Two options are available to us. Either we accept this fact and people are taken as they are, knowing that we will surely do more or less large concessions. This is the right time to ask ourself this question : ” What is important to me? ” (eg: am I ready to give up not to have children because my husband does not want, etc. …). Either you end this relationship and continue your own way.

2. We cannot force people

Each person in its own limits (more or less important). At first, we do not necessarily see it (or rather does not want to see it). But sooner or later, the moment happens where you see the person as it really is. Realizing that things do not go right from the other person (or that are not in line with our vision) and with a little good drive we could improve the “THINGS” and move forward, c ‘well, yes, but it is still necessary that the person in front of us is aware of its own limitations. And if that person is in total denial and we are faced to a wall it may turn against us. Namely, that’s what will you affect the most.

3. Stay true to yourself

Meet these two scenarios (developed in the first 2 points) can be very unsettling, but the most important is to stay true to yourself. For this, we must listen to ourself. Listening to our body, our feelings, our mental well-being and put our fears aside, here is what to look for ! Do not dare to take a decision because you are afraid of what will think some (close) people or because you’re afraid of the future … These are false problems and by putting confidence in your self, you will see everything will be fine. You just have to go for it, embrasse your future !

4. Get detached from toxic people

Sometimes, the best thing to do to protect yourself is to get detach from the people which are not right for you, even if those persons are related to your very close family. That’s what I’done with my father, one year ago after a huge frightening argue in the middle of a crowdded restaurant. From this point, I understood that sometimes with toxic caracter (like my father), it’s better to cut the related link in order to pursue your own life in peace.

5. The best is yet to come

Leave your fears at the door, the best is yet to come ! I know, this sounds easy to say but even if it can be very scary to experience a new life, work, or experience, I know by experience than after all my biggest failures something great happen right after… So, you just have to be self indulgent and trust yourself.

=^..^= Hope this post, will help you too. Do not hesitate to leave a comment below, if you have any questions, or also if you like this topic. Like that, I could do post like this one more often about my personal experience.

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