Cool in Deauville


For our getaway to Deauville with Albane, I opted for a cool, streetwear look. Exit the skirts and little shoes I wear in Paris. I only took comfortable clothes, stretch or wide, in which I can both walk for miles and frolic on the beach. For mine of nothing, the first day we realized that we had walked more than 15 kilometers. Jacket, wide top, stretch pants, sneakers and backpack, this is my ideal outfit when traveling. Besides, I always come out of my wardrobe this super blue trousers that I love to wear to travel. And to say that I bought it specially for my trip to Mexico, 5 years ago at H & M at 9.99 € … and you know what? He did not move! For Deauville, I wear it with a vintage Snoopy sweatshirt found at Kiliwatch (it was so cold that underneath, even if it does not show, I wear a HeatTech Uniqlo T-shirt and a cashmere jumper always from Uniqlo), Lacoste sneakers in leather, perfect to keep your feet warm and my big burgundy velvet puffed jacket. On accessories side, I wear this new striped bonnet, sailoring perfect, I adore. I bought it from Delphine during our last Empty-Dressing. I did not want to encumber myself with a purse (even carried cross-body). The backpack is the best option to carry my belongings (including the camera) while having your hands free. Not to mention the new necklace chain necklace that gives the finishing touch to my casual Seaside look.

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Photos : Albane de Marnhac

Doudoune en velours / Puffed Jacket : River Island  –  Sweat : Vintage bought at Kiliwatch  –  Pantalon / Trousers : H&M  –  Basket / Sneakers : Lacoste  –  Bonnet / Beanie : Armor Lux  –  Collier / Necklace : Asos  –  Echarpe / Scarf : Monoprix  –  Sac à Dos / Backpack : Eastpack


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