Christmas Shopping List : Special Decoration


Aaaah! The month of December and the race for Christmas gifts … When we know what gift to offer everything goes well. On the other hand, it becomes a real headache when we lack idea and we find ourselves to look for gifts at the last minute. We all know that!

So, to help you a little to find gifts ideas, I concoct you this special “Christmas Gifts Special”. This time, I left out Fashion, (I would present a next article “Fashion Gifts” soon) to privilege the super cool and cute decorative gifts that I found on the web and that I like very much (I have a total for this is mug with the big Bloomingville eyes … and this mirror !!!), inspirational books and super practical Hi-tech product like the hull / dual Iphone battery or super cute 😉 I mean how cute is this Doraemon speaker ?

From the smallest to the most imposing, there is something for all tastes and budgets 🙂

1 – Beaches Book, Urban Outfitters

2 – Believe in Yourself Book, Urban Outfitters

3 – Doraemon Speaker, Colette

4 – Wood Jewelry Box, Zara Home

5 – Sofa, Urban Outfitters

6 – Smart Batterie Case, Apple

7 – Golden Coral Frame, Zara Home

8 – Cup Bloomingville, Colette

9 – Mirror, Urban Outfitters


Votre rendez-vous hebdomadaire de Conseils Mode, Tendances et Shopping ! 

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