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This is a somewhat special post I write today because it has nothing to do with fashion, travel and my inspirations.

So, before I start, I would like to say that I am neither a doctor nor a psychologist and that what I advance is only my feelings about what I have heard and seen about the origin of some CANCER.

I would like to talk to you about this subject, which is surely sensitive to each of us at the emotional level, but it is a subject that is close to my heart.

Last week, a person from my mum’s entourage whom I knew since childhood died of cancer. A rare type of cancer, which physicians do not know how to cure yet. Inevitably, it affected me and knowing the life that had this person, I am unfortunately not surprised that this translates into cancer in the jaw. Let me explain.

A few years ago, I met a young woman with whom I worked and who had throat cancer at the age of 26. Fortunately she was taken care of in time and cure from it. She is very healthy now 🙂 With her experience through illness, and good psychological support, she learned that her cancer was due to an emotional shock that occurred 6 months before. Emotional shock that she could not exteriorize (to speak, to cry, to be sad, … are part of these emotions). She had kept everything hidden in her. Not expressing her feelings about this shock has translated into cancer of the throat … The throat that happens to be precisely where the speak and words come from.

For my part, it was at this point that I understood that certain types of cancer are in fact (in my opinion) a psychosomatic illness and that it’s better to live well our life to express ourself and feelings. Accepting to settle all the things of the past (perhaps related to childhood?) that weigh or even exteriorize our feelings in the face of emotional shock (such as dismissal, unemployment, divorce, breakdown, family or professional problems) seems to me be primordial because beyond the cancer of the throat, jaw or other, our body makes us stand out in some way what our brain is not concious about and hide.

To finish on a positive note and this is where I wanted to come precisely, I believe that some (I do not say all) cancers are preventable. Everyone should  be conscious and vigilant not to isolate themselves 🙂
= ^ .. ^ = Obviously, I repeat, I am not a doctor, each person is different. Some develop cancers, others do not, fortunately, but we all have to gain in quality of life to be able to express themselves more when our personal environment allows it.

And if you’re interested, I found this very interesting article about the same subject.

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