6 Tips to Book our Holidays

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The summer holidays are approaching fast!! Have you already booked your holiday? Yes, part of them for me. I just booked my plane ticket for a week in Biarritz in July, hehe! This will be my first vacation for a year, so I’m eager to go!

Traveling is one of my passions. Reserve my air tickets and organize my trips are 2 activities that I love to do because we are already dreaming of our vacation 🙂 However, you must know to foil the traps and find the right tips to find the best prices.

It takes a bit of practice but be patient, there is nothing nasty, I learned how to do it when I started traveling a lot 6 years ago.

Here are my 6 Tips to book our holiday:

1) Hopper: This application gives us according to the calendar of each month, the days when the prices are the cheapest. This is useful especially if you have flexible dates. However, this does not take into account the low cost airlines. Personally, I use it as an indication.

2) Navigate into the sites in “off”. Otherwise the sites track our navigation and our research to raise prices in a rather scandalous way the next time we return to the site.

3) Ebooker or Kayak : In general, I reserve my flights with Ebooker (the prices indicated are the same at the time of the payment unlike many other sites). In my opinion, this is the best reservation website. Otherwise I discovered Kayak which looks not too bad;) The + for both sites being the multi-destination option for frequent travelers;) It is besides with this feature that I had a Paris-New York / New York-San Francisco / Los Angeles-New York / New York-Paris for 460 €. Yes Yes Yes!

4) For a long-haul journey where there is a stopover, why not take advantage of it to choose a “friendly city stopover” ( we often has the choice between several cities for its stopover) to visit at least once in its life. We spend a night or two nights to discover the city before continuing its journey. That’s how we got with my mom visiting Shanghai (you can go to China without Visa if you stay less than 72 hours on the spot – another trick to know ^^) before going to Japan. And if we had a little more time we would have even benefited to make our stopover back to Beijing.

5) Compare prices by going directly to the sites of the airlines. For example, I booked my flight to Biarritz on Ebooker but the day before I dropped the same cheap flight for a few euros less on the website HOP.

6) Hostelworld : Nothing better to book your room or studio in the Small Hotels, Bed & Breakfast and other Hostels. We enter our dates, the city or the island, and it’s done! All you have to do is to locate the hotel in the map to see if it is conveniently located, read the reviews and view the photos. I have booked countless times and have always been delighted with places chosen whether in a youth hostel, in a bed and breakfast or in a hotel in Thailand, Mexico, the United States, India, Japan or Shanghai 🙂


Photo : Gray Malin


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