My Favorites Sunny Terraces in Paris


What can I tell you about before a long 4-day weekend?

The Best Sunny Terraces in Paris, of course! Because if like me, you stay in Paris this weekend, and you still want to enjoy this beautiful weather, do not worry, there is everything you need in Paris! It is enough to know the right places;) And at this level, the sun lover that I am (I’m not from South for nothing ^^), I have spotted and tested quite a lot in the capital. The ones I remember, the best of course, including location, service and beverage.

Whether for breakfast or a quick lunch sandwich, or a gourmet salad in front of the Louvre or a cheeseburger in the Marais, a chic break in a cozy patio, or a gourmet meal with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or simply for a drink at the end of the day: here are my favorites sunny terraces in Paris.

Le Fumoir : Let’s say it right away, I LOVE this place! Its atmosphere very “British Club”, its menu and also and especially the sunny terrace, facing the Louvre and away from cars. The +: the healthy salads and the “So British” service where we are brought bread with butter (exquisite!), all with a Bloody Mary (about 25 €). And also, at the end of the day, enjoy a cocktail (excellent!) on the terrace is super cool too.

Lina’s : The terrace perfect to eat a sandwich or a salad (ideal saturday for lunch ^^) (about 8 € with drink) facing the sun before going shopping to Châtelet / Les Halles / Montorgueil or simply walk then to the Palais -Royal.

Le Café Charlot :  I like this address for 2 reasons. The first is the terrace facing south and the second the Cheeseburger (the best in Paris according to me) (about 22 € with drink)! So, when I’m in the Marais and the Cheeseburger calls me, I go;)

Le Patio du Costes : Warning, we are about to make a trip to a neighboring European country. In Paris, the Luxury Hotels all have their charming and cute patio but that’s another thing. More than a patio, the courtyard of the Costes plunges us literally into an Italian setting. Imagine yourself in Rome or Tuscany. The walls are red, orange, there is a hanging balcony decorated with Greek statues, ivy going down and the sun caressing our shoulders while we are comfortably seated in our chair. This is what is called the Dolce Vita;) (count about 25 € for a cocktail)

Carette (Place du Trocadero) : For a great breakfast in the sun on the terrace! (Between 9.50 and 28 € depending on the choice of breakfast). Personally when I go, I take the Express Carette at 9,50 € with their very good hot chocolate accompanied by their viennoiseries (the one with the apricot is excellent ^^), it is hearty and delicious.

La Maison Blanche : Nestled on the roofs of Avenue Montaigne, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a gastronomic menu (excellent!) (From 50 € for a main course / dessert and 80 € for starter, main course, dessert with wine ), see menu here. From there, the noise of the car leaves the space to calm down and invites to relax and enjoy the moment. Also the servers are extremely kind. It was here that I had lunch with Albane on my birthday and everything was perfect!

La Terrasse du Musée d’Art Moderne (MAM) : We tend not to think of it but when we walk to the Eiffel Tower, it is the perfect Terrace and not expensive to take a break (here we are served as in the refectory) (count about 12 € for one Meal) or coffee break in the sun with direct views of the Eiffel Tower. Not bad isn’t it?


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