Where to Find Beautiful Jewels for Summer!

Because when the weather is nice, we want to wear beautiful jewelry that will accompany us throughout the summer … and much more, I wanted to talk about my favorite addresses in Paris, on where to find beautiful jewels for Summer.

Here are my 5 favorites addresses :

Gas Bijoux : We can easily imagine wearing Gas jewels on a beach, in St-Tropez with a long vaporous dress that flies in the wind … but we can also wear them everywhere else! These are “jewelry statement”. Like a queen’s ornament, one feels immediately dressed, more self-assured, desirable, when we wear the jewels Gas (I think especially large hoop earrings). Personally, I have a big crush on hoop earrings and colorful bracelets to accumulate around the wrist, which you have seen me wearing here. Also note that all Gas jewels are made in their atelier in Marseille.

Capture d’écran 2017-06-14 à 17.25.03

Chance Boutique: Sophie, the founder of the shop, selects the brands she sells. Here, there are only French designers. We can be sure of the quality as Sophie choose very carefully each jewels she have in her store. Personally, I comehere  to buy my little earrings to put on top of the ear at the level of the cartilage. And even if I do not have a hole there, I manage to wear these loops without worry, pinching lightly what it takes so that it holds by itself on the ear;)

Chance Boutique

Hod : For a very fine luxury jewelry selection which is so L.A. The selection is very sharp and absolutely beautiful. I’m a super fan! And if you do not know this address yet, go and visit it, even for the happiness of the eyes.

Bqgue chew Hod Bouti

Room Service : Room Service jewels are created at the boutique-atelier, Rue d’Argout. The particularity of the brand is to use precious stones, semi-precious on a silver, bronze or 24k gold plating. The rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are made in a bohemian chic style. We also find Room Service jewelry at Birdy.

Capture d’écran 2017-06-14 à 17.22.30

Birdy : For a nice selection of fine golden jewelry. Here we find the brands : 5 October, Hanka in, Caroline Najman, Room Service, L’Atelier Clandestin and Pascale Monvoisin, for the luxury range. Count an average budget of 100 € for a statement piece.

Boutique Birdy Rue St Placide Paris




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