3 Outfits ideas made with the same skirt and accessories


I am sure that it has happened to each of us to buy a garment and ask ourselves what to match with this new purchase. At the cash register, in front of the saleswoman, we are still in the process of making an inventory of all our wardrobe to know what it will be associated with.

Today, I present a new post a little special, since I present 3 looks made around a single skirt in embroidered suede. The accessories remain the same, the only thing that changes is the top.

Blouse, shirt or knitwear, just play with shapes and colors to change your style according to your envy.

Here are my 3 outfits ideas :

Outfit 1:

With the multicolored embroidery of the skirt, I chose this pretty green blouse that reminds me of the 70’s perfect sahpe and the current Valentino style. An elegant outfit ideal for both work and afterwork.

IMG_2602 IMG_2684 IMG_2676 IMG_2705 IMG_2695 IMG_2659IMG_2628

Outfit 2 :

For this second outfit, I chose a blue stripe flared shirt with the little detail of knot at the cuffs. We stay with the red accessories that give pep’s to this preppy outfit.

IMG_2884 IMG_2861 IMG_2947 IMG_2932 IMG_2846IMG_2940

Outfit 3 :

Third and last outfit. We are changing style radically. This last outfit is much more casual and less extravagant than the first 2 since the top in knitwear is very simple. This time, I opted for a black handbag but red would have go super well with too 😉

IMG_3014 IMG_3098 IMG_3012 IMG_3112 IMG_3062

Photos : Au Petit Imprévu

Blouse Verte / Green Blouse : Zara  –  Chemise à rayure / Stripes Shirt : Zara   –  Haut jaune / Yellow top : Zara  –  Jupe / Skirt : Zara  –  Escarpins / Shoes : Valentino  –  Sac Rouge / Red Bag : Pinko  –  Sac / Bag : Chanel


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