5 Hacks for Happiness

5 Hacks for Happiness

I wish you a wonderful year 2018 filled with love, good mood and laugh!

For this 1st post of the year, I would like to talk about HAPPINESS. We all agree that we all seek it and that happiness is not something easy. We have to work on it on a daily basis and for that, drive is necessary. From what I have learned from my personal experience over the last 6 years and where I have started to take an interest in personal development, I retain some essential and easy points to help us along this path, with my 5 hacks for Happiness.

1. Listen to your “Good vibes” favorite music. Music is an extremely powerful tool for changing our mood and state of mind. Listening to music that energizes us and puts us in a good mood, (on which we usually want to dance when we are in a good mood), will automatically say “STOP!” to negative thoughts. At this moment, I am rather moody grumble in the morning when I wake up, so I choose a “Good Mood” song that I play on repeat while preparing myself. And guess what, it works every time;) If you prefer more meditative musics here are some for you.

2. Call someone who supports us. Hearing the voice of a loved one who gives good advice or who simply listens to us is always an instant boost.

3. Seeck nature. There is nothing that calms more than being surrounded by nature and animals (you will have noticed that in my Insta Stories ^^).

4. Meditate. It is an excellent choice when we are already in the downward spiral. When we are stuck in negative thought patterns, focusing on oneself is a good way to reverse the trend and get off to a good start. And if you want to know how I meditate, tell me, this may be the subject of a future post.

5. Laugh. Laugh is the best cure to release tension, watch a silly / funny movie or video on YouTube, or remember a gag that has happened to you or a joke that never gets old. Personally, last evening I watched the funniest moments of our own lovely (and so funny) pets, compiled on Youtube and I had a good laugh for almost 1 hours 😉





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