Trousers for Autumn-Winter 2020 : the best pieces to shop now!

Trousers for Autumn-Winter 2020

Trousers for Autumn-Winter 2020 – Photos : @modedamour via Instagram  –  Pinterest

After last week’s Shirt article, let’s dive this week in the Trousers for Autumn-Winter 2020.

One of the the big trend this Winter 2020 are the TROUSERS.

There is of course the timeless cut, like the cigarette pants, which remains a sure value, but there are also several other styles of pants very fashionable for this new winter season.


3 Trends are present for Fall-Winter 2020:

  • Palazzo trousers: it is recognizable by its high waist and wide cut on the whole length. It is often with pleats on the waist.
  • Pleated trousers: for this autumn-winter, it is slightly tightened down.
  • Straight trousers with a wide cut: classic straight, it is worn long on the shoes, or short, at the birth of the ankle to highlight this sensual part of the body.

How to Wear Trousers for Fall-Winter 2020, 4 options are available:

First option, wear the suit set. Ideally coordinated with the pants, the trend is to associate a suit jacket with the pants. For shoes, it’s up to you to choose between pumps for a “Business Woman” style or “Casual Chic” effect by choosing a pair of white sneakers.

Second option, adopt the sweater of the same color as your trousers for a monochrome outfit. Very trendy, timeless and chic!

Third option, we take option 2, adding a white or blue shirt with white stripe, under the sweater. Let out the collar and the bottom of the shirt. If the sweater is long, roll up the bottom of the sweater to the inside of the waist, (like you do for a trouser hem). For example: a sweater/pants set in camel/beige tones, combined with a blue shirt that protrudes from the sweater. For shoes, we have the choice of option 1, pumps or white sneakers.

Fourth option, for white/ivory pants, play with the contrast of colors, associating it with a black sweater. A very chic and graphic outfit.

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