Handbags for Winter 2020-21: 7 Advices to Choose your Bag Wisely + Shopping Selection

Bags for Winter 2020-21

Handbags for Winter 2020-21: – Crédit Photos : Pinterest

A look is not complete without a handbag, you agree. That’s why, this week, we’ll talk in this article about handbags and other bags such as shopping bags, backpacks, pouches and even some gorgeous suitcases, to discover absolutely! Because, yes, it is not because we are again in quarantine, that we must stop thinking of “travel” (even if only for a small trip in the family), waiting to be able to travel again for the holidays of the end of the year, hopefully.

Just before getting to the heart of the matter with the Shopping Selection (at the end of this article), let’s talk about the Fashion Trends of the season and the 7 Tips to choose your handbag well.


3 Trends for Handbags for Winter 2020-21:

  • Faux Crocodile Bag: it replaces smooth, grained leather bags this Winter. Its textured appearance like a real crocodile skin and the varnished finish gives it a super-chic vintage side, which remind us our grandmother’s bag.
  • Bucket Bag: the iconic bag of the 80s, is back for several seasons and more particularly this winter, especially with small sizes.
  • Shopping Bag: the big shopping bag, very practical when you travel, becomes “day bag” for our daily life! In addition to the classic leather or canvas that we usually find in stores, 2 new trends are appearing this Winter.

>>> 1) the bag becomes “confort blanket” with synthetic woollen skin (as soft as a plush).

>>> 2) the “sport chic” cabas version in technical fabric (see the Shopping Selection at the end of the article).


How to Choose Your Bag Wisely, 7 Tips for a Good Purchase:

To choose a bag that lasts over time and that you’ll want to wear all the time, you need a bag:

Not too rigid, the goal is to be able to pass your hand without getting hurt (yes, yes, it happens!), to catch your stuff in the bag.

Not too heavy. If the bag is already heavy empty, imagine its weight when filled!

Not too deep. Who wants to look for his keys and wallet for an hour, at the bottom of his bag.

Choose a bag color that will match well with your coats, jackets, dresses, etc. Go to a yellow or pink bag yes but; only if you already have one or two bags of classic colors such as black, brown, beige, grey, off-white or navy.

Check the handle lenght for a shoulder bag. Can the bag be carried under the shoulder even with a large coat? If the answer is yes, that’s all right!

Also look at the width of the handle, are you comfortable with a very thin chain handle? And ask yourself the question of a very wide handle (in fabric for example), on a shoulder bag. Will you still want to wear this bag in 5 or 10 years?

Silver, gold or both? If you hesitate to choose the finishes of your handbag, nothing better than looking at your own jewelry. What do you wear? Gold or silver coloured jewellery? If you only wear gold coloured jewellery, choose a bag with gold finishes. And silver, if you wear silver-coloured jewelry. And if you like both, any choice of bags is possible for you;)


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Now it’s time for the Winter Shopping Selection 2020-21. You will find in the first part all the trendy pieces of the season and in the second part, the timeless pieces we always need, such as shoulder bags, backpacks, pouches and suitcases. Selected brands include: Prada, Lancel, Ralph Lauren, Furla, Lancaster, Marc Jacobs, Coach, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Michael Kors, Lonchamps, Lacoste, A.P.C, By Far, Sezane, Mango, H&M, & Other Stories (if you do not know yet, it is the most fashionable brand of the H&M group, they do very nice things and in good quality). Among the selection, you will also find some vintage pieces found on Vestiaire Collective.

>>>>>> Also, the majority of the selected bags exist in other colors, so do not hesitate to click to discover the choice of colors or materials proposed by the different brands, let’s dive in:

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