4 Colour Associations for 4 Winter Outfits!

4 Associations de Couleurs tenue hiver

4 Colour Associations for 4 Winter Outfits! – Photos : Pinterest

Just before we talk about the 4 Colour Associations for 4 Winter Outfits, we would like to make an announcement about the evolution and expansion of BEAAUUU Paris!

BEAAUUU Paris has been around for 8 years. From a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog, content has evolved to focus on FASHION and share with you Style Tips, Outfits Ideas, Shopping Selections and Colour Associations, as today in this new article.

But something was missing. The desire to meet you in person, to exchange with you individually, be able to help you on Fashion issues, whether to guide you in the simple search of an outfit that you want, or to accompany you during your shopping, clearing out your wardrobe, or to help you find your own style, and thus, save you time, money, learn to make no more mistake buying and regain confidence in yourself.

The content of the blog is aimed at many of you, dear readers and some articles speak to you more than others, it is normal… For your part, you want personalized advice, adapted to your personality, morphology and style and would like to be accompanied individually? This is now possible, thanks to the creation of new tailor-made services! BEAAUUU Paris propose 5 Styling Services, adapted to your needs and your budget. And if you are new here, I also invite you to read About, to know better who hides behind BEAAUUU Paris^^

As you read in the title, this week’s post is about colours. 4 Colour Combinations for 4 Winter Outfits:  outfit playing with 4 different colours! Yes, it is possible and we share with you some examples…

Now, it’s up to you to have fun marrying the colors of your own wardrobe:)))


Beige +  Light Blue + Nude + Turquoise :


Brown +  Pink + Camel + Ivory :


Black +  Off-White + Beige + Gold (jewels) :


Navy Blue +  Black + Beige + Brown :




More inspiration on my Instagram and my Pinterest … Join me!

See you next week for new Fashion, Shopping and Trends Tips.


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