8 Advices to Keep you Warm during Winter!

Advices to Keep you Warm during Winter

Advices to Keep you Warm during Winter – Photos : Pinterest

What to wear to keep you warm when it’s cold? Whether you are sensitive to cold or not, there is nothing more unpleasant than being cold in Winter, whether it is outside, in the office or at home.

The good news is that there are always solutions! Here are my 8 Advices to Keep you Warm in Winter, in all circumstances^^

To start, let’s take a look at the base to have, at Uniqlo; temple of the ultra-light down jacket, cashmere sweaters and HeatTech material, (an intelligent thermal fabric, with the technology made in Japan, created by the brand). Uniqlo is the obligatory stop to find these 3 essentials (once you have tried, impossible to do without!) that will keep you warm in the winter months:

Puffer Jacket Ultra Light and Sleeveless

To wear in addition to your coat (under). This is the perfect invisible tip, if your coat is not enough to keep you warm!

Cashmere Sweater (top quality/price and lots of color choices)

T-Shirt HeatTech Ultra Warm (the warmest of the 3 models, also available in turtleneck version)

For tights, I recommend you the same range at Uniqlo with the HeatTech Tights and if you prefer the “deluxe version” these Wolford Tights in Cashmere & Silk are really effective too.

Here are my other Advices to Keep you Warm during Winter.


This is the first “game changer” tip, if you are sensitive to cold like me! You can feel the difference right away compared to classic cotton socks. Our feet are warm and happy^^


Second tip “game changer”, which works wonderfully to stay warm! To be used in addition to cashmere/wool socks. The sheep wool soles are very comfortable and ideal to warm our feet in boots and other shoes.



In addition to keeping you warm, this is the chic detail that will make your outdoor outfit, sophisticated and fashion. Choose a long scarf, so that once placed on your shoulders (on your coat), the two sides of fabric fall on each side of your neck, equally at the level of your hips (ideal length for a jacket or short coat), or up to the knee (ideal length for a long coat). Choose a beautiful belt and place it around your waist (on the scarf). Tighten the belt enough to mark the waist. Et Voilà!

Acne Studio Scarf

 Prada Reversible Black and White Belt

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& Other Stories Scarf

Mango Belt



Indeed, many turtleneck sweaters have a wide collar, “dripping”, that does not fit the shape of your neck, and therefore does not serve to keep warm, this part of the body sensitive to cold and wind. Choose a sweater where the turtleneck covers your neck well (that is, without leaving any space between the fabric and your skin).

Mango Roll Neck Jumper

Saint Laurent Roll Neck Jumper

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&DAUGHTER Roll Neck Jumper

Lovers + Friends Roll Neck Jumper



After having the upper body and our feet warm, let’s move on to the legs. Last advice to keep warm in Winter, high boots! The advantage of high boots is to insulate your calves from the cold, while your coat will keep your upper legs warm^^

Mango High Boots

Sezane High Boots

Ayede High Boots

Tell me in the comment section if you have tried one of these advices to keep you warm during Winter and tell me what subject you would like me to speak in a next article.


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