How to wear Chunky boots: Here are 6 options for you!

How to wear Chunky boots

How to wear Chunky boots | Photos : BEAAUUU Paris

Good morning my lovelies! As you’ve seen from shopping, flipping through magazines or scrolling your Instagram feed, Chunky boots are everywhere! And maybe already in your dressing room.

What if you bump into How to wear Chunky Boots? Here are 6 options that will make you want to wear them almost every day^^


3 style of Trousers :

  • With a Mum Jean, either the classic version with a well-done hem at the ankle, or raw hem/frayed for an assumed grunge style.
  • With wide trousers, either your trousers stop right at your ankle and it’s the perfect lens, or you tuck in the trousers into the Chunky boots for a chic military effect. The goal here is to highlight your Chunky boots.
  • With tailored pants, for a “business chic” outfit.

∗∗∗ Note: opting for pants of the same color as our Chunky boots, will create an optical effect, by lengthening the leg/ silhouette.


3 style of Dresses/Skirts:

  • With a long flowing dress/skirt, the lightness of your flowing dress will bring softness to the imposing Chunky boots. Perfect for an edgy/romantic outfit!
  • With a knit dress, choose a short knit dress to lengthen the silhouette.
  • With a mini dress/skirt, with this option, you put forward both your beautiful legs, your Chunky boots and the top of your outfit!

And what better inspiration than looking directly into the situation with these 6 options through my YouTube video 😉



+ Link of my Chunky Boots I’m wearing in the pictures


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