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Oh my god, I just finish four weeks of madness to juggle between work (normal), the blog and married life.

Oh and you what… I’m glad it calms down a bit for the next fifteen days (before it go on and on again).

I can rest a little and also breathe normally again. Yes, because casually, I’m the girl who’s doing fine all the time but stress causes me little annoyances not very pleasant. A little tachycardia here, breathless there , rehearsals for volunteers yawning to catch my breath, to hide in the toilet to do my breathing exercises.

In short terms, it’s exciting to be as busy as it is galvanized by this euphoric swirl but each has its own limitations and when our body makes us feel no right well, we better have to listen it before it get worst!

Since yesterday, I took back my normal life. Pay taxes, “OK! “, Install the new box,” OK! “, Going to the supermarket,” OK! “, Sort of double stack of magazines piled on the chair for 6 months … Anyway, I delete one by one dashes wrote on my To Do List.

Look aside, right now, I experience new ideas and ways of wearing things I have in my dressing room. I even push my own limits and boost my confidence.
My turtleneck sweater in red and white pattern with… with my flowery vintage skirt, also red and white, combined with (watch out, things get serious!) my bicolor heels sandals (seen here) and my lurex socks.

And you know what, I love and I assume totally 😉





Eve Dupouy at Paris Fashion Week-2


Photos: Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion


Pull col roulé/Turttleneck sweater: Peuterey  –  Jupe/Skirt: Vintage  –  Chaussettes/Socks: & Other Stories  –  Chaussures/Shoes: & Other Stories  – Sac/Bag: Chanel Vintage


Votre rendez-vous hebdomadaire de Conseils Mode, Tendances et Shopping ! 

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