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veste longue imprimé léopard noir et blanc


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Hello everyone,

I hope you had a good Christmas and have been spoiled 🙂

Christmas with my Imprimé Léopard
For my part, I was in Italy (as I mentioned here) in Paolo’s family.
Our program during these few days is summarized to eat, eat and still eat all that Paolo’s Mamma had cooked for us. And there were dishes all over… all as good as each other! I tell you a little bit of my stay.
To name a few of the Mamma’s dishes, we had on our arrival a chicken with artichokes, pine nuts, olive oil. Then another day: spaghetti all Vongole (clams), (prepared by Paolo’s brother), first dish (yes, because you have to know that in Italy the main course is called the first dish  and it’s usually a dish of pasta) and an octopus/potatoes salad  (for the second course) and that’s when we see arriving the 2nd dish that we understand that we should not have to eat as much pasta (the first course), I’m already full, and I try to pass on a little to Paolo who oddly seems to eat less than me!
24th at night, we have done nothing special, we ate between young people at home quickly with the remaining octopus salad lunch (2nd dish of our lunch, if you follow me well ^^) accompanied by focaccia ligure at 20pm everything was done. We stood just to have a glass of Nero d’Avola (very good Sicilian wine) in a wine bar, a matter of doing something…
In my family, usually the 24th at night, we make a great meal with foie-gras, seafood, champagne and a masterpiece cake and I confess I was a little out of sync and it was very strange not feel the atmosphere of Christmas but hey, it’s like that, I adapt.
For lunch from 25th noon (in Paolo’s family Christmas is celebrated during the lunch of the 25th ), we had “homemade” borragine ravioli (made with herbs), (first dish so), then potatoes with thyme accompanied by thin slices of vitello (veal)… For dessert, there had “homemade” fruit cakes and the typical Italian Christmas treat: turron with nuts and peanuts to break yourself.
Both say that the meals were often completed to 3:59 p.m. and a stroll on the seafront at Arenzano, or on the side of Albissola and Camogli made us great to digest a little! But that, as I have done lots of pictures, I’ll talk in my next post in January 😉


Now let’s talk about the look of the day, which will also be the last in 2015.
I accompanied several pieces that you already know, to create a new and colorful look very printed! Indeed, it’s nice to always show new pieces, but it’s also nice to see how to wear a different way, the parts that we already have because after all, in the life of every day we are brought to mix the pieces of our wardrobe together. In addition, it seems that there are always good ideas / inspiration to take, right?
With these still very mild temperatures for the season, I often put my jacket printed leopard perfect for the weather we are fortunate to have, it must be said!
Today, so I accompanied my white sweater twisted beads (already seen here), with a bright red skirt with the year-end holidays, this reminds me of Christmas red ball, combined with my little ballerinas red and black python print, (whereas, in fact, I just had a vision of me in Leopard, making the balancing a ball on its Christmas red ball with a python wrapped on the same ball) yes, I have crazy imagination today, but prevents, my joke could give ideas to Cartier, right?
In short term, let’s go back to my #ootd. As accessories, I wear my little bicolor Furla bag which is perfectly matching with my leopard print coat, ponpon beanie (in faux fur) on the head and finally a touch of bright red lips (a Rouge Pur Couture, The Mats from YSL) on my lips, et voila 🙂
I wish you all a beautiful New Year’s Eve and see you next year 😉
Kisses ♥♥♥




manteau court imprimé léopard noir et blanc
imprimé léopard avec rayure graphique
veste imprimé léopard noir et blanc
veste imprimé léopard et jupe rouge
manteau imprimé léopard noir et blanc
imprimé léopard rayure graphique


Photos: Franca

Veste Imprimé Léopard: Esprit  –  Pull/Sweater: H&M  –  Jupe/Skirt: H&M  –  Sac/Bag: Furla  –  Ballerines/Ballerina Pumps: New Look  –  Echarpe/Scarf: H&M  –  Bonnet/Beanie: Karl Marc John


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