Sunrise at Central Park

chapka in fur vintage




First morning in New York, it is 5:00 a.m, the alarm rings! Irma and I are getting ready to go out. We want to enjoy the snow as the storm Jonas filed copiously all over there four days ago. Taking pictures of snowy Central Park at dawn, is the beginning of the program for that day. It’s cold, a cold different from Paris: dry, like in the mountains. The day will soon rise fast! Quick!, says Irma. We rush into the subway, that at least, is well heated. It is already 6:15 a.m, we prefer the metro rather than the bus, it is much faster. At this hour, the subway is not quite asleep. As in Paris, we meet the tired faces of people going to work or returning from their night work.

Here we reached our station, the 96th. Quick, quick, quick, we go out of the metro, cross the street, and we are already in Central Park. And if it’s still dark, the “Midnight Blue” is dissipated to be replaced by the “Twilight Blue”. It is these small miracles which we do not regret having lifted any time soon. Irma is looking for a bridge she saw on a photo on Instagram account. We walk in the hardened and slightly icy snow finally arriving near the reservoir in Central Park. No bridge in sight but a magnificent view in front of us, now with the pink twilight light. The reservoir (lake) half frozen, ducks being bubbled (do they feel the freezing cold? Unlike us, it does not seem to bother them more than that!) And the Manhattan skyline with tall buildings. We take this wonderful vision and light to take a maximum of pictures. The sun rises higher and more behind the buildings, which offers us orange colors for our photos.
I hear the sound of crackling branches, yet there is no one around, no pranksters joggers, no! My eyes directs on the tree that we have beside us. And what do I see? A fearless squirrel coming to us. Between my gloves, the phone in the hands that I used to live Snapchat, camera and backpack, I can not unsheathe the shutter time, the little heart is already on the top the next tree. Damn it! Luckily, Irma was faster than me and managed to have him in portrait! 😉 few steps further, we find the bridge No. 28 also called the « Gothic Bridge ». And even if it is not the one that sought Irma (I think she was looking for this one who is just in the south of Central Park), we enjoy the ever more intense light, the superb Gothic architecture of this bridge to make a new series of photos (Irma will post on her blog soon). The day is now lifted and it is time for us to leave Central Park for a nice, deserved warm breakfast.

Side look, I planned warm clothes, like my white sweater twisted already seen here (below I wear a T-shirt Heattech), these new pants in green and white brocade found on sale at Zara, my warm Serafini boots I like sooo much and I have had many compliments from the New Yorkers, a good cozy parka, perfect to spend all day outside, my fur vintage hat, 2 scarves that I associated together ! Because yes, for my first day in New York I wanted to be well covered 😉

Next New-York post is coming soon … Stay tune! And to see or review the first post on New York it’s here 🙂




sunrise at central park new york
morning in central park
sunrise central park
winter ootd new york
sunrise between building central parksquirrel in central park
parka les petites
skyline from central park new-york
winter look new-york
central park sunrise snow
zara printed trousers with moon boots serafini
bridge central park new-york
snow in central park new-york
central park lake sunrise
serafini moon boots
sunrise between building central park new-york
police new-york little car


Photos: Irma and me!


Parka: Les Petites (en soldes)  –  Pull/Sweater: H&M (en soldes)  –  Pantalon/Trousers: Zara (en soldes)  –  Boots: Serafini  –  Sac/Bag: Furla  –  Chapka: vintage from Tilt Vintage  –  Echarpe/Scarf: Oysho  –  Rouge à lèvres/Lipstick: Guerlain (Rouge l’Extrait, Crème de rouge: couleur Gourmandise)


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