Monumenta 2016 Huang Yong Ping


In Paris this weekend? Go at the Grand Palais to see Monumenta 2016 exhibition !

The exhibition is to discover till this Saturday Evening and it would be a shame to miss this!

Having myself visited the exhibition yesterday afternoon, I urge you to go immerse yourself in the work of the Chinese artist: Huang Yong Ping.

Count 300 containers scattered in 8 islands, Napoleon’s hat in the middle of the nave (which I did not really like but hey, each one will appreciate or not ^^) and a gigantic snake skeleton hanging above our heads. Strangely, these glittering vertebrae remind us of the structure of a Roller Coaster but this is, indeed a magnificent specimen with sharp teeth (like me, fans of Jurassic Park will appreciate) will welcome you mouth wide open 😉

Beyond the representation of a “symbolic landscape of today’s world” the artist wanted to express, I prefer to concentrate on the harmony of the installation doing one with the Grand Palais where the atmosphere of an area off, the visual and aesthetic appearance makes this Monumenta 2016 very successful.

Find my video on Snapchat: evebeaauuu (available until 4 p.m)!



The Grand Palais

Until Saturday, June 18, 2016


Monumenta 2016
Monumenta 2016 Paris Grand Palais
Monumenta 2016 Paris

Photos: by me and Franca for my portrait 🙂


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