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I was invited by Marion from her blog Miaritz to answer to a Special Trip TAG. You start to know me, I love traveling and I’m always happy to talk about this subject. I therefore take this post to tell you a little about how I travel and my tips 🙂



  • What was your first plane trip?
    Paris I think, but I was baby so I do not remember. For cons, I remember my first trips Biarritz / Paris alone on Air France flights with my sign around the neck “Unaccompanied child” and I have good memories 🙂
  • Which place would you be happy to re-visit?
    Mexico again, for sure!
  • You’re leaving tomorrow and the money is not a problem, where do you go?
    I go around the world as long as I want.
  • What’s your favorite mode of transportation?
    The plane, for speed, discovering fabulous scenery from the 10,000 meters and the feeling of freedom.
  • Your favorite travel site?
    I book my ticket with Hop to travel in France, Easyjet flights to Europe and Ebookers for long-haul flights. I am a very organized girl 😉
  • How do you find your best addresses:For Hotels, Studio or Hostel, I go on Hostelworld.com. I look at the pictures, the position and opinions and I select on. I am never disappointed! For the best addresses and tips I collect pages from woman’s magazine and I complete with addresses that I find on Instagram! And if not, I trust my instincts ^^
  • Where would you go just by attraction to the local food?
    I would return in Japan for sushi (I love it!), in Thailand for the best smoothies with exotic fruits and also in Mexico for ceviche (raw fish dishes) and the guacamole that I love too;) After I would love to go in South Korea and Hong Kong, to discover and taste the typical dishes we eat on the run. I saw few documentary about it and it looks likes a real experience 😉
  • Is there a place you would never return?
    Even if I did not like India (Rajasthan) for gender-based vision that men against women (there are still a lot of work to do on that side!), rather than never there back, I would change region. I will go to Mumbai or Kerala.
  • Can you recite your passport number?
    Not yet but soon, I hope 🙂
  • Do you prefer a window seat, middle or aisle?
    Window again to admire the scenery landscape we are flying over, when everyone is asleep 🙂 That way I  discover the sublime Afghan desert mountains, Bangladesh with its impressive (and beautiful) Ganges Delta, part of Sweden and the Norway, thousands of Japanese small islands, forests of the Canadian Atlantic coast, and Bryce Canyon in the US. Simple beautiful !
  • How do you spend time on airplanes?
    It depends on whether it is a long haul flight or not. If it’s a short flight I sleep, I read or I edit my pictures on the laptop. For a long flight, I’m so excited by the journey that I do not sleep! So, I share my time between admire the scenery, watching movies I have not seen yet and walk along the corridor to relax the legs= ^ .. ^ = Little bonus : I found this interesting article on 21 reasons to apply for a place in the window plane. (Sorry, it’s in French, but I’m sure you’ll understand with the pics ^^) The bonus at the end is surprising and very funny! 😉

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