Gold & Brocart


Sometimes we have clothes that are unable to associate and suddenly, just with a new piece joining our dressing, we have an illumination … The idea of ​​a new outfit!

It took me few months between the acquisition of this gold blouse and finally being able to wear it. Buy clothes, that’s one thing, been able to associate it by creating the ideal outfit that suits us is another! We stay half an hour in front of our dressing by trying all possible combinations and no, no and no, it is definitely not possible! We still lack THE piece that will make the difference! I think we all pass by there, right? So when I found the right combination for this lamé blouse I made the small “Indian dance” in front of my mirror ^^ That’s what was missing until now, the tuxedo jacket perfectly cut, very Saint Laurent (remember the shopping spree at Jennyfer I told you about here) and my new heel sandals with a nice cut on the front and perfect camber. Ok, ok, this is a very dressy outfit and for sure I would not wear this outfit to work but it’s the perfect outfit in the evening, to go to the theater or a romantic evening in a chic place 😉 and if you ask me where I was going like that the other day, at the Palais-Royal … Ah, ah I keep the mystery! 🙂
Good weekend




Photos : Delphine from Du Style Madame


Veste / Vest : Jennyfer  –  Chemisier / Shirt : Sister Jane  –  Jupe / Skirt : Vintage  –  Chaussures à talons / Stilettos : Asos  –  Sac / Bag : Vintage


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