Sequins Bomber


I took advantage of the Paris Fashion Week to wear this new look that I love and which sparkles with the glitter bomber.

In fact, periods of Fashion Week are conducive to the exaltation and eccentricity in the streets of Paris, in any case, I feel like that. This is when I fully assume my choices with the most daring outfit as here with this new look where I wear black trousers and a navy turtleneck sweater under my transparent nightie dress. My pink converse, a small bag in black and gold leather, worn as a clutch bag, my new Boohoo bomber (which was a huge success! Many people have asked me where he came from ^^) and I’m ready ! Boohoo launches this winter a campaign called “Autumn Amnesty” which is to sort our wardrobe to make people happy by giving some of our stuff (we do not want) to an association before renewing our wardrobe. In general, I’m doing it 2 times a year. I remove from my dressing the parts I do not want and apart from a few clothing brands that I sell, I prefer to give to Le Relais the clothes I do not want because the idea to do one or two peoples make me happy! 🙂 This time, with this jacket, I gave this black trousers, bought 5 years ago (it is always impeccable!), it served as my work uniform in recent years, when I was working for luxury brands, in short terms contrats.

With my new job, I decided to make a new start, to turn the page on these years not always easy and to separate myself from this particular pants that I hope will serve as much to its new owner. And if my story inspires you to do the same, I’m thrilled! ^^

Very good Monday! 😉


bomber à paillettes multico Boohoo
bomber à paillettes Boohoo
bomber à paillettes multico
bomber à paillettes

Photos : Gisèle is Nerdy

Bomber à Paillettes / Sequins Bombers : Boohoo  (similaire plus foncé, ici)  –  Robe / Dress : Urban Outfitters  –  Pull / Jumper : Zara   Pantalon / Trousers : Zara  –  Converses : Kiliwatch  – Sac / Bag : Vintage


~ Article en collaboration avec Boohoo ~


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