Ritual of Sakura by Rituals


Today I want to talk “Beauty” with two body products that I LOVE! I knew Rituals since one and a half through a sample Ritual of Sakura, which is a moisturizing body cream.

By not knowing this brand, I was not expecting anything special but when I opened the tube and I felt the very delicate fragrance of cherry blossoms, it has stirred my curiosity. A dab of cream on the hands… several applications … I was hooked! I stood there a product of high quality.

I came face to face with a display of Rituals products at Sephora Champs-Elysées. I find the cream in a large pot (the packaging has changed in the meantime) and I also discovered from the same range, Ritual of Sakura scrub, which is also packaged in a large pot … Let’s try it! Back at home, I try the scrub in the shower. We have the same scent as the hydrating body cream, sugar grains are just right, my skin is very soft and … oh, miracle! This scrub leaves the skin silky. Because in addition to exfoliate, the Ritual of Sakura scrub cover our skin with a thin layer of moisturizing oils. You could almost do without moisturizer for the body but personally after a scrub I always prefer to moisturize my skin as much as possible (which I unfortunately do not all the time on other days), I enjoy a little bit more my bathroom into a relaxation mode as a real beauty ritual, moisturizing my skin thoroughly with the body cream ritual of Sakura “magic touch body cream.”


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Photos : by me ! 🙂
J’ai eu un gros coup de cœur pour ces produits de beauté et je voulais vous faire partager cette expérience et découverte 


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