Cold Fuchsia


Who said we should refrain from wearing bright colors in winter? It’s surely not me! On the contrary. And this time, I went to full color. This winter, I particularly like pink fuschia. Remember my November Shopping List where I told you that I bought several pieces from my selection. I found these fuschia pants and those metallic low-boots at Topshop and as these two pieces are exactly the same color, I like the idea of ​​wearing them together. For a more classic look, I could have opted for a basic black cashmere sweater (I am so happy with my blue that I just bought a new one round neck in black at Uniqlo) but I find that the association is perfect with this purple sweatshirt (also found via my post November Shopping List). The pink-red logo design reproduces the color of the pants and boots. Last details, we find the touch of black with the small velvet bag and my black straight cut coat already seen here that I had removed for the photos.

= ^ .. ^ = Small note: it is also canon with a burgundy coat! I tell you because after making these photos last Saturday, I found this coat (my new coat) that perfectly matches this look!

Shop the Outfit :

img_8445 img_8343img_8330 img_8389img_8498 img_8395 img_8383

Photos : Franca 🙂

Sweat : Urban Outfitters  –  Pantalon / Trousers : Topshop  –  Bottines / Low Boots : Topshop  –  Sac / Bag : Mango


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