The Break-up

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And yes, it’s over! Some of you had guessed what had happened since some post (especially with this one). Well, I’ll tell you, Paolo and I’re done, but do not worry. Everything is fine ! After 5 years together, our story ends to take the direction to which everyone aspires for the best … and the best!
And if, like me, you are going though a break-up and you’re not living it well, tell yourself that this relationship was a training for the next. Analyzing and drawing conclusions will make you understand better the psychology and reactions of your ex-partner.
In order not to isolate yourself and to withdraw yourself, do not hesitate to speak to your entourage (choosing well your loved ones to talk to) and why not to a psychiatrist (for my part, my two sessions were very useful), the time of a few sessions, to see more clearly the situation. Personally, it helped me to blame myself for putting an end to a relationship that, despite all my hopes, led to nothing. For not to forget, we must share the same goals of living the life together to live a full-blown couple life.
And if it was not this, it will be the next one 😉



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