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Today, let’s talk about Beauty if you want. It was only at the beginning of this year 2016 that I tried cosmetics other than day / night creams. The only beauty product I used until a year ago. I was first interested in the make-up remover / lotion product (as it seems to be the most important if you believe all Tops Model’s interviews) as well as the eye contour and then the rest. Throughout the year 2016, I asked for advice and I also tested various Beauty products like Sisley and Stri Vectin. So I take advantage of this end of year to give you my review of the products I use everyday and that I find really good!




Clinique – Basic 3 Temps – Etape 1 : Savon Visage Liquide :

As for removing make-up, I do not like to spend three hours. The ideal for me: remove my make-up in the shower! For this, I use the Liquid Soap – Basic 3 Time Clinic. Very simple to use, a pschit (or two depending on the layer of makeup we have), soap the entire face and the makeup disappears in two seconds (including mascara). A gentle formula that leaves the skin fresh and clean.

= ^ .. ^ = Carefully choose it according to your skin type.


Lotion Clarifiante Clinique : 

This cleansing lotion is used to exfoliate the skin by removing all impurities, pollution and dead cells. I use this lotion morning and evening after washing / cleansing face with the liquid soap.

Result: the complexion is fresh, glowing. It immediately feels that the skin is cleaned, ready to receive a good day cream which will be much better absorbed thanks to the previous use of this lotion.

= ^ .. ^ = Choose it according to your skin type.




Stri Vectin Concentré de Nuit perfecteur de peau :

I use this concentrate at night, just after the clarifying lotion and before my moisturizer. In two weeks I saw an amazing improvement in the appearance of my skin. Result: the pores are tightened (visibly!) and my skin looks smoother (say bye to small imperfections). A real discovery that I think rebuying once it will be finish !


Crème contour des yeux Sisleya :  

My fine lines at the outer corner of my eyes began to disturb me since, in my opinion, they were becoming more and more apparent. So I needed a good moisturizer, which restores elasticity to my skin.

I use this cream morning and evening on the outline of the eyes and I note that since I apply it, my fine lines at the corners of the eyes are smoothed and my skin very well hydrated. The price is not given as it’s a luxury cream product, but considering the size of the pot (15ml), it’s a good investment.


Crème pour le cou Sisley :

I love this cream ! Before I discovered this cream, I used my day cream for the area of my neck. But I admit that since the discovery of this special cream for the neck, I see the difference.

The texture of the cream is especially fine and unctuous which allows to apply it by massaging the neck from the inside (middle) to outwards (toward the side) and the beginning of the décolleté. Result: my skin is smoothed, firmed and the skin perfect !




Crème sorbet hydratante Caudalie (peau sensible) :

As I have sensitive skin, I am always curious to try new moisturizing creams. I discovered Caudalie Moisturizing Sorbet Cream via Instagram and I was curious to give it a try. This new fresh and light gel-cream that is perfect for my skin type.

The skin is moisturized and soothed for the whole day / night.


Photos :Beaauuu Paris


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