A Size Problem



I just realized a huge thing that I would like to share with you because besides telling you my story that is very personal, I think I may not be the only one to have had this “size problem” and if this story can help you in a any ways then I’ll be very happy 🙂

Whether we have a big or a small chest, we have a different and particular relationship with our breasts. For my part, I have a small chest and although I think I am likely to have a thin bust, I know that in my adolescence I developed a blockage on the growth of my chest and more on the physical development of my bust. To tell you all, 1 year and a half ago, I was making a size XXS on top and aMedium size on the bottom. Which overall once in a swimsuit was seen significantly. There was a big imbalance between the top and the bottom of my body. I was slightly complexed by this uneven calibration.
Fortunately, nothing is fixed and this imbalance can be regulated by unblocking the solar plexus.
This is what I did with the help of my father-in-law Osteopath who unblocked it / opened in a few sessions. The result was amazing, I went from an 80 to a 85 cm of chest in a few weeks and I abandoned my tops and dresses in size 34 for a 36. What balances my figure in a much better way since I do not have more than a difference size between the top and bottom;)
But that’s not all. Apart from the fact that I managed to develop my bust, I stayed with the slight but unpleasant sensation of being aware of the blockage I had set myself as a teenager on the growth of my chest. The whole thing was to know from where and how this blockage was born.
It was only very recently that I discovered where it came from. Adolescence is a difficult time especially when you see your child’s body turning into a woman. For me, it will suffice for some inappropriate remarks from my ex-father-in-law to block me. At the time and not yet knowing the continuation of the events, I took very badly his reflections. He already had my mother who had a beautiful breast and he did not need to take an interest in mine. Until a few weeks ago, I had related his quirky comments to misplaced curiosity and I did not want to compete with my mum at that level. He already had my mother’s chest, no need to have mine.

Years later (18 years), my ex-father-in-law left without saying anything overnight, without giving any explanation to my mother.

A few months after this brutal and unexpected end, we met him in the street. He had changed. Slim, obviously well in his skin and dressed in fashionable tight clothing that put his physique in value. He was no longer the same man. And even though at the time I found that he was dressed as an homosexual, I did not hit more than that. It was only 2 or 3 years later, by grouping together as a puzzle the stories and memories of him that we deduced as evidence that he was actually homosexual.

What he had refused to see or accept / assume before he was 50 years old.

For my part, I understood just a few weeks ago that the comments on my nascent chest were in fact just curiosity. Yes, it was not the misplaced heterosexual curiosity but the jovial curiosity of an homosexual who loves women’s bodies.

And by that, having put my finger on it, set free my mental block! 🙂





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