Un Signe

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I must tell you something that happened to me in Biarritz.

Two weeks ago when I was at my mother’s house for a few days, I lived a crazy thing, the kind of paranormal thing you see in movies.

A few days before going in the South, I was on YouTube when I came across the very special Interview of Caroline Receveur. Intrigued by the concept of this interview, at least very surprising and believing myself that there is a life after life, I watched the other videos that led me to have the desire to be able to communicate with the death beings who are dear to me. Have a sign so obvious that you know it comes from the afterlife.

Here I am at home, in the South, in my bed, just before midnight. I am the only one of the house to be still awake. Before falling asleep, I was thinking of my cousin Olivier, who died almost two years ago, thinking as often as I tells myself that he is my lucky star. And at the same time, I was thinking about these videos a few days before.

Just before my mind switched completely to sleep, noise pulled me out of my almost-sleep. It was music. For a minute, I thought that this music came from neighbors and the more I came out of my half sleep more I realized that no, the music came from elsewhere.

Now, the music is distinct, I think I recognize this song well known in the 80s. No doubt, it comes from the living room. It’s crazy, the closer I get, the more I can not believe my ears. I’m not afraid, I’m actually smiling, because as I go forward, I understand what’s going on.

It was the radio in the kitchen that switched on by its own. Here I am laughing so loud, in the dark, all alone with the radio playing on very loud with the song that leaves no more doubt. Olivier is there with me. And I laugh, I laugh with tears in my eyes as I listen to this song. We are here, just both us, to listen to the song of Emile and Image “Un peu plus près des étoiles” …

Tell me, has this kind of experience ever happened to you? And were you, like me, incredibly happy or dead with fear?


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