How to Pack Smart



Cause the holidays start soon, I have prepared you this new post where I give you all my tips on how to pack smart and travel light.

1. Think outfits

What are you going to do during your vacation. Taking sunbath at the beach or around the pool, go on excursions, ride a scooter wind in the air, explore the island where you spend the holidays … Rather than collecting several pieces separately, think about what you will wear as an outfit and make a list. We put on the outfits to wear both day and night (unless you have a dress code very special programmed for the evening) and also depending on the weather. Bring only one pair of heels. The espadrilles are the best to be both chic and cool.


2. Take your best things

Enjoy the holidays to take with you the little dress or this fabulous top that you find too sexy to wear in town.

3. Roll, don’t fold

No more space in the suitcase? Roll rather than bend your clothes, it’s convenient and it fills the holes.

4. Only take one pair of jeans

Only one is enough and to gain a maximum of space in our suitcase, wear it while travelling.


5. Wear all your jewellery

And put the extra in your little evening bag to avoid losing them. You’ll be super happy to have them with you if your checked luggage is lost.

6. Focus on details

Everything is a matter of detail, that’s why some beautiful jewels, such as hoops, or an accumulation of bracelets around the wrist, will dress your evening look and make you forget that we were dressed the same way two days ago.


7. Stuff shoes and bags

We store the shoes in a dust bag (or other bag), this will avoid damaging them and at the same time to dirty the other things of our suitcase.

8. Invest in a Turkish bath towel

When traveling, as beach towel, there is nothing better than traditional hammam towels, made from flat cotton. It’s light and it does not take up space in the suitcase and in the beach bag.


9. Stock up on basic meds

We do not forget some basic essential medicines when traveling, such as paracetamol, or seasickness medicines.

10. Leave your coat at home

A small military jacket or a denim jacket is all we need, besides a small wool that can be worn by accumulating layers if it’s cold (especially on the plane).


I wish you good holidays if you are going soon, enjoy it well 🙂



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