Fall-Winter 2020 Skirts: Fashion Tips + Shopping Selection to see!

Fall-Winter 2020 Skirts trendy and classic

Fall-Winter 2020 Skirts – Credit Photos : Pinterest

After last week’s Pants / Trousers Shopping Selection, let’s dive this week to the Fall-Winter 2020 Skirt Shopping Selection.

Just before getting to the heart of the matter with the Shopping Selection (28 skirts are to be shopped directly, a little lower, in this article), let’s take a look at the Trends for skirts this Winter (because yes, there are several) and talk about Fashion Tips.


4 Trends are present for Fall-Winter 2020:

  • Plaid skirt: for this winter, the big trend is the plaid fabrics, houndstooth (pied de poule) patterns and chevrons.
  • Skirt suit set: timeless and easy to match with a sweater or shirt / blouse. The skirt cut is either mini or pencil. Both options are hot this season!
  • Pleated skirt: 2 choices: mini version, kilt style. Or longer up to the knee. The longuer version will be more timeless than the short one.
  • Leather skirt: (or faux leather), a new version appeared for this Winter. High waist, the cut is slightly flared and half-calf length. The mini version (-skirt) is still trendy.


How to Wear the Skirt this Fall-Winter 2020, 2 options are available:

First option: classic and timeless version. Wear the skirt with a pair of boots (flats or heels), pumps, or ballerinas/loafers, see the article on the Shoes here. The skirts go back to high waist. It is therefore interesting to wear its sweater/jumper tucked into the skirt (for thin sweaters/jumpers) and add a belt to your skirt to mark your waist. For thick or bulky sweaters/jumpers, wear it over the skirt and belt at the waist. The belt will be the chic details to your outfit, even with the chunky trendy boots of this Winter (see option 2).

Second option: we adopt the trendy boots, with big soles, called Chunky boots to go with our skirts. Next week there will be a new article entirely dedicated to Shoes. For this outfit option, the idea is to wear the big sweater/jumper over the skirt. Want to be at the forefront of the trend? Wear an oversized shirt under your jumper that poke out voluntarily of the sweater. It will be great with a plain tailored skirt (in mini-skirt version or pencil skirt version) or a plain pleated skirt, but the pleated skirt will be for the most arty of us, because not easy to assume and one can easily look like a potato bag. The solution here again, will be to belt at the waist to break the “mass effect” of the silhouette.


Now that you have all the information on “How to wear the Fall-Winter 2020 Skirts” place at the Shopping Selection:

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LEATHER SKIRT (or faux leather): 





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See you next week for new Fashion, Shopping and Trends Tips.

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