Shoes for Autumn-Winter 2020: fashion advices and shopping selection

Shoes for Autumn-Winter 2020

Shoes for Autumn-Winter 2020 – Credit Photos : Pinterest

After last week’s Skirts Fashion Advices & Shopping Selection article, let’s dive in this week to the Shoes for Autumn-Winter 2020.

Just before we get to what we love all with the Shopping Selection (a little below in this article), let’s take a look at the Trends and talk about Fashion Advices for Winter Shoes.


3 Trends are present for Fall-Winter 2020:
  • Chunky boots: In other words, the boots with big soles. You may not have noticed it but it’s everywhere at the moment, whether in magazines, in shops and at the feet of the most fashionista of us! It is found in two forms: the military style and the Chelsea boots (style that reminds a little of the rain boots).
  • Chelsea boots: it is the ankle boot with an elastic on the sides of the shoe in the shape of a drop. It is in 2 versions for this Winter. Classic and thin, it will be our timeless ankle boot. For the trendy version of the season, we find it everywhere in Chunky boots shape.
  • White sneakers: exit the Stan Smith and the wide sole sneakers style from Alexander McQueen! This time we prefer models with a finer shape, in the Converse or Superga style, with a white sole of about 2cm over the entire length of the shoe (see the Shopping Selection below).


How to Wear Shoes this Fall-Winter 2020, 3 options are available:

  For the Chunky Boots: It fits very well with mini-skirts, pencil skirts and long dresses as well as wide, short pants that stop at the ankle. Let’s see together 3 Outfits Example:

Outfit 1 : beige sweater + black mini-skirt + black tights + black chunky boots + black or beige bag.

Outfit 2 : dress or sweater/skirt set in beige knit (the most fashionista among us, will adopt the half-calf length) + black tights + black chunky boots + camel or black bag.

Outfit 3 : black sweater + navy wide trousers + black chunky boots + black, navy or white bag. And yes, you can match navy and black, you’ll see, it’s very chic actually!


  For the Chelsea Boots: For the flat and classic version of the Chelsea boots, only wear them with trousers. No skirt or dress as this cut/cup the silhouette. For the high-heeled version, you can combine them with trousers, skirts and dresses.


  For the White Sneakers: to be at the forefront of the trend and super chic, we associate it with a wide pants. Let’s see together 3 Outfits Example:

Outfit 1 : black sweater + black pants + white sneaker + black or white bag.

Outfit 2 : white shirt + grey sweater + grey trousers + white basket + black bag.

Outfit 3 : blue shirt with white stripes + beige sweater + beige trousers + white sneakers + white, beige or blue bag.

It also fits well with all trousers in a timeless way.


Now that you have all the information on “How to Wear Shoes for Autumn-Winter 2020” let’s dive in the Shopping Selection, with all the trendy shoes of the season as well as classic and timeless models such as loafers, ballerinas and boots:

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BALLERINA in dark shades:


BALLERINA in white/neutral shades:




ANKLE BOOTS in white/neutral shades:


ANKLE BOOTS in dark shades:






BOOTS with heel: 













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See you next week for new Fashion, Shopping and Trends Tips.

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