5 Outfit Styles for the Holidays!

Outfit Styles for the Holidays

5 Outfit Styles for the Holidays Winter 20-21 | Photos : Pinterest

This year, just because we spend all the holidays at home (we are still in quarantine in France), doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun! And what better way to put glitter in our life, with a glitter dress or sparkling shoes! Because the clothes and colors we wear, play their role perfectly when it comes to reflecting on the outside what we feel inside, and vice versa, will project us into the state of mind we want to embody. Did you know an oufit is our first way of communication (non-verbal)? So depending on your mood and style, here are 5 Outfit Styles for the Holidays… with glitter of course!


A classic outfit: wise (the effect of velvet ballerinas ), sober, elegant, just as it should be! To wear with a thin black tights or bare legs. The dress can also be worn without a belt.


This rock’n roll outfit is worn with the vest open, the t-shirt tucked into the skirt and without tights. The skirt also exists in gold and is also a nice option, if you want to have an even more festive outfit (to marry with a black vest in this case).


Outfit to wear without tights and without jewelry. This very chic glittering dress, make the job by itself!


For this 70s vibe outfit, the plumetis (dots) tights add a touch of originality that recalls the silhouettes of Yves Saint Laurent. Prefer a plumetis with small and very close-knit peas like the one above. This outfit can also be worn without tights.


This is the very glamorous outfit for the holidays! It will also be perfect for Valentine’s Day;)


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