How to wear dresses in Winter

How to wear dresses in Winter

How to wear dresses in Winter | Photos : @beaauuuparis

In Winter, you are more Team pants, Team dress, or both?

Many of you don’t wear dresses in Winter, for fear of being cold.

Or you just don’t know how to wear dresses in Winter.

But I promise you, that with the simple method that I propose in this new article, you will know, how to associate your dresses with the rest of your winter wardrobe and you will be as warm as, with a trousers outfit.

Let’s start with the base, under the dress:

You need a top or t-shirt (with long sleeves for the chilly ones), tights and a pair of boots.

Speaking of cold, I invite you to read my article on 8 Advices to Keep you Warm during Winter.

Let’s start on the basis of black high boots (or low boots/ black shoes if you never wear high boots) and black tights.

Opt for navy blue tights if your boots are navy and burgundy or brown tights if your boots are camel/brown.

How to choose your top, under your dress:

  • If your dress has a rounded collar, choose a round neck top. Your t-shirt should be hidden under your dress and not protrude at the neckline.
  • If your dress has a V-neck, opt for a square low collar, like a camisole or V-neck top. The brand Ivo et Moi creates very nice ones, with finishes in lace of Calais, according to the neckline you choose.
  • If your dress has a deep square neckline, like an “empire dress”, pair your dress with a turtleneck. Be careful not to have creases at the neckline. The goal here is to create the illusion that your top is an integral part of your dress.
  • If it is a chasuble dress, you have the choice between a round neck or turtleneck top.

How to associate your dress:

Then, you just have to combine your dress with a short, fitted, oversize, 3/4 or long cardigan, depending on the shape and length of your dress. It’s up to you to play with the proportions and volumes. Think about measuring the cardigan/dress length with these visual proportions: 1/2, 1/4 or 3/4.

=> For a “working girl look”, wear a shirt under your dress if it is sleeveless.

=> For a “rock look”, replace the cardigan with a leather biker vest.

Which colors to wear with:

For the colors combination of your dress + cardigan (shirt or biker vest), the idea is to play with the colors, 4 choices are available to you:

  • Go for tone on tone.
  • Bet on a combination of gradient colors, from the darkest to the lightest. We just decline the shade of the color.
  • Take one of the colors of your dress (if printed), which is found in one of your cardigans.
  • Play in total opposition of colors. Example: green + yellow or purple + orange or pink + red. And look what colors you find pretty together. As you know, tastes and colors change from one person to another, so look only at yourself and what you like. What others think or say does not matter! The important thing, is that you feel comfortable and that your “outfit of the day”, make you happy. Then have fun!

Here are some outfit ideas:




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