How to take an outfit from day to night

How to take an outfit from day to night

How to take an outfit from day to night – Outfits from Alexander Mc Queen Fall 2021

How to wear a dress from day time to a night out, in a more dressed version?

Here are my advices as Personal Stylist:

Accessories are key! The dress remains, but the accessories change according to the dress code agreed to your evening.

Here are the accessories of this non-exhaustive list: shoes, belts, bags, jewelry…

The first thing to change will be the shoes. I invite you to replace your comfortable shoes or flat shoes for pumps or stilettos. Heels elongate our silhouette.

The second step: the belt. You can match it with the color of your dress or with the color of your other accessories, such as your shoes or your bag/pouch.

Third step: the bag. Depending on the colors of your outfit, you can choose to match the color of your bag/pouch to the color of your dress, or shoes. For this, a tone on tone color or a darker or light color will be ideal. Want to play adventurers? Choose an additional color, in accordance with the colors of your outfit (dress + belt).

For example, like here with the green dress: green dress + black belt + green and black shoes + white and red bag.

In the color wheel, green is the colour opposite to red and black is opposite to white.

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Shop this Look:

Shop this Look:

So, what will be your outfit from day to night?


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I wish you a beautiful week 😉


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