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Hello my kitty cats, today I tell you the end of my job’s interview story and I’ll show you a new outfit that I wear to work right now.

When I think back to my interview, it makes me smile; yes, smile, how it’s happened, it was so simple, fast and totally unexpected! You know the phrase “meet the right person at the right time”, well that’s what happened to me during my job interview for the Trend Office where I work since August. There was some sort of connection between my employer and myself. These are points in common and very subtle details that put us on the same wavelength. As being from the same city as him (forcing it closer), for making highly specific studies in sewing and fashion (which apparently he knew very well) and have an atypical career path (which does not please all France companies unfortunately) that gives me a 360 ° view for my current job, having previously worked for other trends offices (good point for me ^^), have created my lingerie brand and have been super responsive in proposing a last minute appointment for my interview (I speak about it, here). In short, it is all the points that have tipped the scales in my favor ^^ It’s crazy when you think about it, these set of circumstances 🙂 Does it happened to you?

Specifically, in work, this is the third time it’s happened to me and it’s funny how it happens every time. There would be a psychological aspect to develop this theme but I think I’ll stop there for this post, I don’t want you to have an overdose of philosophical thoughts from Monday morning;)

For my outfit, I had a crush on this deep V neck (back and front) dress that I wear with a vintage blouse in broderie anglaise. I love the combination of the two. There is a small wise side, almost schoolgirl and yet the transparency sets a little effect “not so wise.” For accessories, I opted for a pair of sandals with heels, a black quilted bag with chain handle “very Chanel” and my new earrings all round.

Have a great Monday my darlings !


Photos : Mathilde from the blog Au Petit Imprevu

Robe/Dress: H&M  –  Blouse: Vintage  –  Sac/Bag: Vintage  –  Chaussures/Shoes: H&M  –  Boucles d’oreille/Earrings: H&M (actually in the shops)

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