33 Things that makes us Happy


A week ago I published this post, where I talked about the importance of having fun to be happy with ourself. To go deeper into this subject and because I asked myself what my pleasures are in life, I would like to develop today with you small or great pleasures essentials to our own well-being. You will see, for many those little and simple enough pleasures are easily realizable every day and which despite the worries of our daily life make us appreciate our life for the better and the better. I know that for me these 33 pleasures work perfectly, it’s up to you to complete it or make your own list.

Also, which says pleasure, says also detress effect;)

Aside from the last point, I listed the different points, keeping the order in which it came to me.

1 – Listen to the music I like.

2 – Walking, I love walking after a day of work to let off steam or have a walk during the weekend. This is my sport.

3 – Tasting a good pastry or ice cream. We appreciate the present moment by concentrating only on the taste and the flavors it has.

4 – Take the time to put on some make-up, like a pro at least once a week. Because being pretty and find ourself beautiful is important for self-esteem 🙂

5 – Go to the restaurant from time to time.

6 – Being in the company of an animal. Rabbits as at work (if you follow my InstaStories you already know them), a cat or … any animal in fact, as long as he does not want to eat us. Haha!

7 – Hug a tree, yes, believe me it relaxes and calms down enormously. And it is one of my little pleasures, when I feel the need for it.

8 – To be surrounded by nature.

Champs de Tournesols

9 – See the sea. This is the first thing I do when I go out off the plane when I come back to Biarritz.

10 – Shopping (Retail Therapy). Do I need to explain?

11 – Watch Friends or Sex and the City

12 – Traveling (the simple fact of taking the plane)

13 – Discover a new place, a new destination for example, like the island of Menorca, just below.


14 – A walk in the Parc de Versailles. Because it’s always wonderful.

15 – Drink fresh squeeze orange juice

16 – Meet up some friends

17 – Going to the cinema

18 – Having a drink on the terrace of a café, alone or accompanied

19 – Buying a bouquet of flowers

20 – Pay particular attention to my way of dressing because for me, the style of dressing up is a form of expression. I am one of those who think that you can define the character of a person according to his/her style.

21 – Put on perfume. I had forgotten this ritual, for lack of finding a perfume that corresponds to me and since I found my new perfume, it has again become a pleasure to flavor me and feel the sweet floral fragrance of Mojave Ghost de Byrebo.

22 – Sleeping. Because I love sleeping and also having my total amount of sleep every night is super important to me.

Put smile on that face

23 – Smile, because life is beautiful. And also because when people smile, people usually smile at us … and it feels good to see that the world is not as dark as we say.

24 – Go shopping at the market in Biarritz / Bayonne when I am there and Paris / Montrouge the rest of the time.

25 – Cooking a good little dish (and no need to be super complicated either). For example, last weekend I made spaghetti with hearts of artichokes (canned) cook in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil and chorizo cut into small pieces. We sprinkle parmesan on it, and voila! It is fast, convenient and especially very very good;)

26 – Swimming, splashing or diving in a pool or in the sea, because I just love water!


27 – Plan your next vacation because we have the adrenaline of as if we were already there and it is very exciting to visualize what we will do.

28 – Create. Speak out. Whether it’s writing a text, taking pictures or associating clothes together to find the right outfit. Well, this is what I do through the blog;)

29 – Sunbath. Give me sun, warmth temperatures and a tiny corner to sit or lie down and I will be glad.

30 – Skiing. Ok, ok, I know, we do not ski every day but I love so much the sensation of freedom and going wild with the speed.

31 – Cycling (for my part, it is when I am sure there is no car around). For that, the park of the Chateau of Versailles is perfect.

32 – Take a warm bath. Lounging in a good bath after a long day is perfect for relaxing.

33 – and of course, dedicate time to those you love and be nice to others. I am a big believer of “Behave with others as you would like others to behave with you”.


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