How to create Monochrome Outfits

one color head to toe

How to create Monochrome Outfits  – Outfit featured from Givenchy Fall 2021 collection.

The subject this week; monochrome outfits. How to create monochrome outfits easily in a few minutes; the answer is in this post.

But first, what is a monochrome outfit? It’s a plain look where we only wear one colour, from head to toe (shoes and other accessories included)!

To do this, here are the 4 steps:

1. I advise you to look at the weather first. This will guide you in choosing your shoes and clothes. It seems obvious, but yet, I see so many people every day on the street with winter boots, by 25 degrees (77.00 Farenheit) and great sunshine all day or wearing sandals when it rains. It’s a shame, isn’t it?

Once the weather checks out, let’s move on to the second stage stylistically speaking.

2. Before selecting your clothes, I invite you to choose your shoes. The weather and your schedule of the day will greatly help you to define the choice of your pair of shoes (heels, sneakers, moccasins, boots, leather, fabric or plastic…) which will also define the color for your monochrome outfit.

3. Then, depending on the color options of your shoes, choose one of your handbags of the same color. You will soon find that there are not 36 options. Often you will see that the colors of your accessories (shoes and handbags) are black, navy, gray, brown, taupe, nude, beige, terracota, cream or white.

4. Last step, the clothes. Match the color of your clothes with the shoes and bag that you just picked up before.

And that’s it! You have your monochrome outfits!

A little style exercise now! To go with this pant and this bomber jacket, choose your pair of shoes, bag and your top, among the 3 choices offered:

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Have a lovely week 🙂


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